Hotel Valley Ho Goes Green

Monday December 28th, 2009

Hotel Valley Ho, the urban resort and spa in Downtown Scottsdale, strives to be environmentally friendly. The restoration of the hotel itself contributed to the environment. By restoring and not tearing down the Valley Ho in 2005, Westroc Hotels & Resorts saved 20,000 tons of landfill waste and debris. Since the opening, the hotel has participated in various green efforts including:

Protecting the Environment

• The housekeeping department uses green-certified cleaning agents.
• Executive chef Charles Wiley uses local food purveyors and local ingredients, thereby saving on "food miles" (the distance food has to travel from supplier to destination).
• Redflower amenities in every guest room and VH Spa is parabin free, making it more environmentally safe.
• By restoring Valley Ho instead of tearing it down, Westroc saved 20,000 tons of landfill, debris, etc.
• All in-room linen is cleaned with hydrogen peroxide instead of harmful bleaches.

• The hotel participates in the 'Adopt-A-Road' program, cleaning and taking care of the street on Scottsdsale between Indian School and Camelback roads.  

Saving Energy

• Brick and mortar structure keeps temperatures more constant in guest rooms
• During restoration, heavy dual pane glass was placed in all the guest rooms, keeping rooms cooler and using less energy
• Compact and energy-efficient fluorescents are used throughout the property, including guest rooms.
• Every vacant guest room has the drapes closed to reduce sunlight and heat, with temperatures set higher to save on air conditioning.
• During cooler months, water is chilled through cooling towers instead of a Freon-based chiller system.
• Employees shut down their computers every night.

Conserving Natural Resources

• All shower heads and toilets are low flow.
• Guests have the option of conserving water by reusing their towels and bed linens.
• The hotel's recycled magazines, phone books, cardboard, cans and bottles average 1.5 tons per month.
• The hotel utilizes a cardboard baler to recycle all cardboard products.


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