SUP ATX Stand Up Paddle Boards Pay a Visit to Hotel Valley Ho

Thursday May 06th, 2010

SCOTTSDALE, AZ – SUP ATX recently visited Hotel Valley Ho while traveling from Malibu to Austin. SUP ATX is the leading maker of stand up paddle boards and paddles.

Stand up paddle surfing (SUP) is a new sport where riders use a paddle board (similar to a surf board) and a long paddle to propel themselves through water. The boards are specially designed to be used in rivers and lakes, but can also be used to ride ocean waves. SUP ATX founders Nick Matzorkis and Michael Burniston are credited with introducing and popularizing the sport in lakes throughout the United States beginning in 2008. Many big wave surfers are also participating in this new sport, which is quickly gaining popularity.

To help launch SUP ATX and promote paddle surfing, founders Nick Matzorkis and Michael Burniston went on a four-day journey from Malibu to Austin along with a group of surfers, paddle surfing in rivers and lakes along the way. One of their stops was at the Valley Ho, in late September. The entire crew stayed at the hotel, in one of the original 1956 buildings and in the recent luxury tower addition. The SUP ATX founders and surfers used their paddle boards to navigate their way around the martini glass and olive-shaped OH Pool, eventually starting a rowdy game of what they call “jousting” or “battle paddle”, where they attempt to knock one another off their boards.

The group left one of their SUP ATX paddle boards behind, which is now on display at the Pool. The board will remain on display through the summer, so guests who frequent the Pool on those hot summer days will have a chance to see it.

To view a 7-minute video of SUP ATX’s journey from Malibu to Austin, visit
To view a 2-minute video of SUP ATX’s stop at the Valley Ho, visit

To learn more about SUP ATX, visit

About Hotel Valley Ho: Hotel Valley Ho is Downtown Scottsdale’s mid-century modern landmark. Originally opened in 1956 and recently restored to its former splendor, this 191-room urban retreat blends mid-century style with modern amenities. Dine at ZuZu, relax at VH Spa for Vitality + Health, and unwind at OH Pool Bar + Cabanas.


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